Company Info

The law firm Eckert & Fries, which has been situated at its present location in Baden near Vienna since the year 1926, is a family based firm of long standing, with members of the family practicing law since the beginning of the 18th century. Today, the firm is considered to be one of the leading Austrian law firms in the fields of business and corporate law.
The firm’s structure, which is still characterized by the family relationship, in combination with a high level of specialization enables the firm to offer its clients efficient legal advice as well as personal service.

Besides its focus on Austrian and international corporate law and real estate law, the firm is mainly engaged in aviation law, European community law, competition law as well as matters of general business and civil law. Due to the wide range of the firm’s clientele, which covers small and medium size enterprises as well as large listed and companies public authorities and bodies, the firm is in the position to present solutions for legal problems of various kinds and dimensions.

Since Martin Prokopp, a specialist in real estate law with a particular focus on the handling of purchases and development projects in the field of residential properties, has joined the firm with an experienced team in June 2012, the firm has strengthened its expertise and capacity in this field in particular and its focus on transactions in M&A and real estate in general.

Through the firm’s membership in JCA International, an international network of European law firms with the same scope of activities and similar structure, it is secured that the firm can provide its clients with services of the same quality also in the course of cross-boarder transactions and foreign investments.